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eBiz Weekly #37

Tons of work-from-home jobs listed here

This week:

  • Tons of work-from-home jobs listed here
  • Day Trading = 97% Losers
  • Not a good pitch
  • Small Blog, Big Income
  • People are going to waste your time
  • A few opportunities on Respondent
  • Latest Momentos
  • $1 million making music for pets
  • Everything I googled in a week as a pro software engineer

Tons of work-from-home jobs listed here

The site is called Rat Race Rebellion 😎 and they have listings like this:


Day Trading = 97% Losers

That’s according to a recently published academic study 👨🏻‍🔬

The abstract:

We show that it is virtually impossible for an individual to day trade for a living, contrary to what course providers claim.

We observe all individuals who began to day trade between 2013 and 2015 in the Brazilian equity futures market, the third in terms of volume in the world, and persisted for at least 300 days: 97% of them lost money, only 0.4% earned more than a bank teller (US$54 per day), and the top individual earned only US$310 per day with great risk (a standard deviation of US$2,560). Additionally, we find no evidence of learning by day trading.

You can read more highlights from the study at Zero Hedge.

My key takeaways:

  • The longer you day trade, the more money you lose 📉
  • Even if you win, you’re unlikely to earn very much 😩
  • Avoid day trading like the plague 😷

Not a good pitch

A recent tweet from Ramit Sethi:

I’m getting a lot of podcast invitations that say, “This won’t take a lot of your time!”

That’s not a good pitch.

Busy people don’t just want to minimize time — they want to maximize impact, or results, or just plain have fun

Small Blog, Big Income

The latest episode of the Side Hustle Nation podcast features an interview with Carol Tice, who runs a blog and community for freelance writers ✍️

I’ve come across her blog several times over the years and it features helpful articles such as:

The amazing thing I learned from Carol’s interview is that her community earns her $37,500 per month in recurring revenue (1500 members paying $25/month) 💰💰💰

All the more impressive considering her blog only gets around 65,000 visits per month.

People are going to waste your time

A public service announcement via Reddit:

The biggest thing I’ve learned about the business world from myself and others, is that people are VERY fickle.

Example: You just started company XYZ. You’re on the hunt for clients. You contact 100 people. 10 of them reply to you, saying they’re interested. Of these 10, 1 or 2 if you’re lucky, will ever contact you again, or respond to your further messages.

It even happens to long standing, established businesses, only the potential client will usually contact you first.

My advice is, don’t get invested. Never think, “Well, Joe told me he’d call me next week. I can slow down looking for clients.” Very bad idea.

A few opportunities on Respondent

I reviewed a site called Respondent a few months back.

They connect you with companies doing market research. If you qualify for a study, you can get paid a nice amount for not much time/effort 🥳

Here are a few opportunities I’m seeing on Respondent today:

There are many more opportunities besides those on Respondent right now, some paying $200 or more.

You can see them all here

Latest Momentos

Read the new batch of my personal ramblings over at Patreon.

$1 million making music for pets

Music for Pets provides “relaxing music designed for pets,” and is often referred to as “Petflix” 🐶

Forbes reports:

The story of how a Manchester entrepreneur took his last £1,000 and transformed it into a thriving seven figure business is a mixture of passion and serendipity, and a pivot that made all the difference.

(Petflix is the latest addition to my Weird Ways To Make Money Online article, bringing the count to 29.)

Everything I googled in a week as a pro software engineer

Ever feel like you don’t know enough to start working on real, paying projects? 😕

Here’s the slap in the face you need from localghost:

In an attempt to dispel the idea that if you have to google stuff you’re not a proper engineer, this is a list of nearly everything I googled in a week at work, where I’m a software engineer with several years’ experience.

Spoiler alert: the list is long.

What I’m trying to show with all this is that you can do something 100 times but still not remember how to do it off the top of your head. Never be ashamed of googling, even if it seems like the most basic thing you’re looking up.

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, insights and opportunities for building your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Ubud, Bali
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