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eBiz Weekly #36

$1 million selling phone wallets on Amazon

This week:

  • Heads up!
  • A site that scans the web daily for remote jobs
  • $1 million selling phone wallets on Amazon
  • New copywriter lands $10k contract in 30 days
  • How much do you think this vape site earns each month?
  • Where traffic comes from
  • When to start
  • Best buys for digital nomads
  • 7 inspiring content marketing examples

Heads up!

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A site that scans the web daily for remote jobs

Check out RemotePad.

It’s mostly tech jobs but a fair few other opportunities on there too, such as:

  • Product Marketing Manager
  • QA Engineer
  • Customer Support

Related: the WSJ reports that remote work is on the rise, with 1 in 20 Americans now earning a living primarily from home.

In 2017, some 5.3% of adults in metro areas of between 500,000 and three million people worked from home, a rough proxy for remote workers. That was up from 3.7% a decade earlier

$1 million selling phone wallets on Amazon

When Michael and Murray met teaching English in Korea, they knew nothing about making money online.

Now, only three years after they started selling a minimalist phone wallet on Amazon, they’re on track to crack $1 million in revenue in 2019 💰💰💰

We just published an in-depth case study about their business that I think you’ll dig.

New copywriter lands $10k contract in 30 days

He shares proof on Reddit and has been documenting his progress on YouTube.

Definitely worth a look if you’re into copywriting and/or freelancing.

Also, I like that he includes this disclaimer of sorts over at r/Entrepreneur:

Now — most importantly — none of this has anything to do with “get rich quick” — while I did go from nothing to making money in a short period of time in this specific instance — this was only possible because I did a lot of useful work during the last 6 years since I graduated from university. I washed dishes, sold apparel, did a number of unpaid work, contract work, did every piece of work very well even if it was outside of my job description, and a ton of other more marketing/investing related stuff. This copywriting situation is just where all that random work came together and allowed me to do well.

In fact — one of my main goals for the channel is to show that not everyone gets rich fast — sometimes you do stuff that might not make much sense to you at the time but it can lead to some interesting places down the road — places you are not even aware of right now but that are actually the very best for you in the long-term. So don’t give-up and just do your part — things will work out — making money is not the hardest thing under the sun so try not to stress out too much — it might just take a bit of time.

How much do you think this vape site earns each month?

It’s called Vaporizer Friend, and:

  • It’s 4 years old
  • There are ~75 articles on the site
  • About 30 people visit every day from via Google
  • It’s monetized exclusively through affiliate marketing

Take a guess as to how much it earns, and I’ll give you the answer further down 😉

Where traffic comes from

Everybody knows that social media is pretty bad for driving traffic, but a recent study really drives it home.

Especially this finding:

Google drives 8 times more traffic than all social media networks combined.

Instagram is particularly terrible if you’re trying to get people to your website, accounting for only 0.08% of all traffic from social.

Which might help explain how one Instagrammer with 2.6 million followers recently failed to sell 36 t-shirts 🤯

When to start

Morgan Housel writes about the biggest and most practical takeaway from Warren Buffett’s success: “Start investing when you’re in third grade.”

Buffett’s fortune isn’t due to just being a good investor, but being a good investor since he was literally a child.

$80.7 billion of Warren Buffett’s $81 billion net worth was accumulated after his 50th birthday. Seventy-eight billion of the $81 billion came after he qualified for Social Security, in his mid-60s.

Buffett started investing at age 10. If he’d started at age 22 instead, his net worth would be 97.6% lower today!

All that to say: the best time to start was yesterday.

Failing that, today will have to do.

Best buys for digital nomads

A question posted to r/digitalnomad:

What’s the very best thing you ever invested in for life on the road?

The most upvoted responses:

  1. Merino wool clothing 🐑
  2. A good power brick ⚡️
  3. Bose QC35 headphones 🎧
  4. KEEN hiking shoes 🥾
  5. A good rain jacket 🌧

Related: a list my 21 favorite digital nomad resources

7 inspiring content marketing examples

The first one is great but my favorite is number seven, Zendesk Alternative.

Reminds me of how Tim Ferriss once wrote an article so people would see his side of the story when they googled “tim ferriss scam”

Nine years later, he still shows up on page one for that term.

Meanwhile, Tai Lopez ranks #1 for “tai lopez scam”, despite my best efforts to dethrone him 😒

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

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In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 💪

Niall Doherty – Ubud, Bali
eBiz Facts

PS. That vape site?

It has earned $47,440 in affiliate commissions in 4 years 💰

So about $1000/month.

The guy who owns it shows his earnings and shares more details about in this 23-minute video on YouTube.

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