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eBiz Weekly #32

20 fastest growing skills for freelancers

This week:

  • 499 Remote Job Opportunities
  • 4 steps to become an SEO freelancer
  • Congratulations are in order…
  • 20 fastest growing skills for freelancers
  • Got an idea for a website? Listen to this…
  • An online version of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Please be worth it
  • Get paid to teach all sorts of stuff online
  • Jake Paul’s Edfluence
  • Momentos

499 Remote Job Opportunities

Remote job links usually get lots of clicks in these emails, so here are some new ones for you:

4 steps to become an SEO freelancer

First, study these two articles:

Second, make a list of businesses in your local area or home town that:

  • You’d really like to work with
  • Probably have a marketing budget
  • Could benefit from an SEO boost

Third, research the online presence of those businesses and be ready with some “quick win” recommendations when you contact them.

Fourth, reach out and offer your services

You could use a similar script to this guy, who built an $8,000/month freelance business in less than 18 months:

“Hello my name is Joseph. Is the director of marketing or the business owner available?”

“What for?”

“Well I own a digital marketing agency in the local area and I was calling to see if they were interested in getting more clients for the business, a new website or any type of SEO services to rank you on the first page of Google”

Congratulations are in order…

…for three companies that are crushing it.

First there’s ConvertKit, the rising star of the email marketing world.

Congrats to them for recently crossing the 25,000 customer mark 🎉

I don’t use ConvertKit myself – I bootstrap with Sendy – but have mad respect for founder Nathan Barry – been reading his blog since before he started that company.

Incredible seeing it grow to be the go-to email marketing tool for big names like Tim Ferriss and Pat Flynn.

I also love that they share all their revenue data on Baremetrics – $1.47 million last month!

Second is Empire Flippers, a marketplace for buying and selling websites (aka internet real estate).

They were recently selected as one of Inc.com’s fastest 5000 growing companies in the USA for the 4th year in a row 👏

I worked quite a bit with Empire Flippers last year when a client tasked me with getting his website listed for sale with them. I came away really impressed with their processes and due diligence.

Definitely give them a look if you’re thinking of buying or selling a site.

Oh, and they’re also very transparent with their earnings, reporting $1.3 million gross for Q1 of this year.

Third is Elementor, a powerful and top-rated WordPress page builder.

They just announced 3 million active installations, and I’m proud to say that my site is among them 🥳

20 fastest growing skills for freelancers

Upwork just released their latest skills index, which ranks the platform’s fastest-growing skills every quarter.

The top 20:

  1. ServiceNow
  2. DaVinci Resolve
  3. Social video marketing
  4. Highcharts
  5. PyTorch
  6. Keras
  7. Caspio
  8. LearnDash
  9. Kendo UI
  10. Technical recruiter
  11. Neo4j
  12. Statistical modeling
  13. Salesforce Lightning
  14. Relational databases
  15. d3.js
  16. Motion graphics
  17. MATLAB
  18. Packaging design
  19. SEOMoz
  20. Microsoft Azure

Yeah, I don’t know what most of those are either, and apparently none of them appeared on the same list for the previous quarter.

But there’s opportunity in that.

Hop on over to CourseraSkillshare or Udemy, take a course or two on one of those skills, and you’ll be one of the few people in the know 💡

Then you can start applying for entry level freelance gigs.

Got an idea for a website? Listen to this…

It’s the latest episode of the Side Hustle Nation podcast, where two authority site pros try to shortcut the learning curve of someone just starting out.

IMO, they did a fine job, offering lots of great ideas and advice.

The newbie’s niche is “hurricane preparation.”

Check out his site here.

An online version of Alcoholics Anonymous

It’s called Tempest, and it’s earned about $2.5 million so far from an eight-week “sobriety school” program.

Gets you thinking: what other offline communities or organizations are crying out for an online equivalent?

Any ideas?

Please be worth it

I post a #tipoftheday each morning in Freedom Business Builder.

Yesterday’s tip was this:

Mindset shift: the best clients won’t even consider hiring you UNLESS you charge a high rate.

Just like you wouldn’t consider buying a $5 pair of shoes because you know they must be really bad quality for that low a price.

Another member – a lady who runs a successful niche membership site – responded with a great comment:

So true! Please be worth it. But charge what you’re worth. I can’t take you seriously if you don’t take yourself seriously!

Just a few months ago I was meeting with someone talking about maybe helping me think through a brand refresh project. I walked away with the main message she repeated several times, “I’m really undercharging.” Well, f*ck that. I want to hire a woman who knows what she’s about and demands a fair price. Not a lame, bargain price. I think someone charging a fair price to be more trustworthy with nothing to hide and no excuses for poor work or missed deadlines.

Also…ladies, this behavior seems more common among women, and I totally understand why. But please, stand up for yourself, and your expertise. If not for yourself, then on behalf of other women in your same profession.

Get paid to teach all sorts of stuff online

A reader wrote to me last week saying they picked up work correcting math questions on Study.com.

Admittedly, the pay for correcting jobs on there isn’t great – only $6/hour.

But it seems there are also some higher paying gigs going.

Real Ways To Earn Money Online reports:

the general estimated hourly rate seems to be anywhere from 10 dollars per hour, to about 20 dollars per hour, with a few people reporting much higher wages, and a few reporting much lower.

Right now I’m seeing 20+ positions listed, including:

  • Computer Science & IT Lesson Writer
  • Engineering Graphics Creator
  • Real Estate Lesson Writer
  • Statistics Expert Q&A

See the full list here.

If you do give it a try, please report back and let me know how it goes for you.

Jake Paul’s Edfluence

The primary goal of my site (eBiz Facts) is to save you time and money while building an online business.

A core part of that is letting you know which money-making paths are legit, and which you should avoid.

Jake Paul’s Edfluence is one you should definitely avoid.

From Megan Farokhmanesh’s devastating takedown of the course at The Verge:

The $7 video involves a lot of cliché showboating about how “content is king,” and absurdly basic advice about studying popular influencers and keeping to a schedule. Paul tops it off with an over-the-top promise that is dishonest at best, and predatory at worst: “If you do social media right, and really take this course seriously, you can buy all of the things that you’ve dreamed of and make millions of dollars. It’s not a joke.”

Yes, only Jake Paul can save you from the horrors of an average life with a bad boss and a 9-to-5 job in a cubicle. But first, you need to pay him an additional $57.

Related article that will have you shaking your head: 6 Stories That Prove Instagram Influencers Are The Worst

My favorite part:

It’s difficult to tell how much was a scam and how much was born from Calloway’s extremely Instagram-friendly attitude of believing that good intentions and the right attitude can accomplish anything right up until any work is involved.


Hot off the press, the latest edition of my personal ramblings is here.

Tales of road rage in Bali, and an online course that sucks real bad but still earns millions of dollars each month 💰💰💰🤮

That’ll do it for this week.

Was there anything above that you found particularly useful or interesting?

I aim to pack these emails with the best tips, tools and resources for growing your online business. Your feedback helps me do that.

Also: feel free to forward this email to a friend, or you can direct them to the online version here: https://ebizfacts.com/ebiz-weekly-32/

In case you missed em, here are the last three editions of eBiz Weekly:

Until next week, rock on with your legendary self 🤘

Niall Doherty – Ubud, Bali
eBiz Facts

PS. I had about seven more cool things I wanted to share with you this week, but the newsletter is long enough as it is.

I’ll be posting the other bits and pieces on the socials in the coming days.

A few teasers:

  • The story of a coder who doesn’t use her hands
  • The story of a guy who quit his job to make video games full time
  • The story of a guy who hacked a buttplug (seriously)

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  1. I used Elementor for my very first Word Press website, it was FAR easier than Wix! Also, I used Dreamhost because you recommended it—which I appreciate, since BlueHost was offering you a commission to refer them. I have, like you, had wonderful results with Dreamhost customer service, because I couldn’t figure out how to fix the SSL issue and they did it for me, because that was quicker than trying to explain to me how to do it.