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Writing to you on a sunny morning in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a rooster cock-a-doodle-dooing outside the window.

I’m attending Nomad Summit here this weekend. My first time, so not sure what to expect, but if you’re planning to be there as well let me know and we’ll try meet up 🙂

On to the usual dose of bits and pieces related to online business…

Office Job –> Digital Nomad
Here’s a 7-minute interview I recorded while at Nomad City in Gran Canaria back in November, talking about what I’d do differently if I was transitioning from office job to digital nomad again.

$30,000 Mastermind Group
Steve Pavlina writes about his experience joining a $30k/year mastermind group. Short version: even though the group helped him earn more than six figures in one month, he decided not to renew. (Related: Pavlina recently launched a new online course that apparently 540+ people have signed up for. At $297 a pop, that’s more than $160k in revenue so far.)

Weird Work-From-Home Gig
One of the most unusual I’ve come across: this Japanese cafe hires disabled people to operate their robot waiters remotely. Pay is only $9/hour, but hey, if I was laid up with a spinal cord injury, I’d happily take that gig! (Let me know in the comments here if you’ve come across any other “weird” ways of making money online. I’d like to put together a good list.)

Touch Typing
Last week I recommended speeding up your mouse. This week I’m recommending you speed up your touch typing (or learn to touch type if you haven’t yet). Because as an online business builder you likely type a lot, and are therefore wasting a ton of time if you don’t type efficiently. I only learned to touch type in my late 20’s, using this free software for 20 minutes a day.

Deadly Reminder
I know a lot of you on this list like to travel – one of the benefits of running an online business, right? – and I like to keep reminding travel lovers to get travel insurance. Interesting fact I learned last week: popular digital nomad hotspot Thailand ranks #2 in the world in traffic related fatalities, at more than twice the world average. Every second foreigner I run into here seems to have been in a scooter accident at one time or another. So yeah, definitely get yourself some travel insurance. See which insurance I use and recommended here.

How To Start An Amazon Business
This article offers a solid introduction to starting an Amazon business. Among other things, you can learn the difference there between FBA, FBM, and Dropshipping. (By the way, if you’ve already started an Amazon business, hit reply and let me know. I’m looking for case studies.)

Small Lists, Big Results
$15,000 from 360 subscribers. $10,000 from 100 subscribers. $1,700 from 70 subscribers. $20,800 from 450 subscribers. Details in this GrowthLab article.

50 Companies Hiring Remotely in 2019
This list from Pangian looks great. No matter your skillset, you should find something in there for you.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

Niall Doherty
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P.S. If you’re interested to read some of my more personal ramblings, I published a new batch of Momentos this morning.