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eBiz Weekly #21

24 Weird Ways People Make Money Online

This week:

  • 24 weird ways people make money online
  • How important is it to have a .com domain name?
  • $3.6 million per year doing SEO for lawyers
  • Big library of free stock music
  • Get More YouTube Views
  • Earn money making animated GIFs
  • Show this to your boss who wants you in the office every day
  • $150 in 3 hours testing websites
  • Is freelance web development still a viable path in 2019?
  • How to figure out what’s true online

24 weird ways people make money online

Here’s the article I promised you last week.

Some fun ones in there, including:

  • A Jesus impersonator earning at least $22,500 per year.
  • Paralyzed people in Japan controlling robot waiters for $9 an hour.
  • The guy who did a deal with the Cameroon government and was earning $70 million per year.
  • A 16-year-old who acts as gaming buddy and sounding board for teenage boys for $20/hour.
  • A podcast that puts you to sleep… and pulls in at least $25,000 per month.

Check out the full article and let me know what you think.

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How important is it to have a .com domain name?

Important, but not as important as you might think.

GrowthBadger surveyed 1,500 people and found that .com domains are still tops when it comes to trust and memorability, but a bunch of other TLDs still fared quite well.

(I personally believe that most people overrate the importance of their domain name when just starting out. It’s rarely going to make or break a business.)

$3.6 million per year doing SEO for lawyers

With a minimum client engagement of $10k per month, the agency profiled here is making a killing doing SEO for lawyers.

An excerpt:

One of the biggest advantages of having a hyper-specific niche is that your process creation, SEO strategy, and acquisition all target the same persona/avatar. For example: when doing keyword research, we can create one expanded editorial calendar that will appeal and apply to most of our prospects. Instead of throwing paint against the wall with our marketing budget and hoping that we attract, we throw the paint directly at personal injury lawyers.

Lots of other great concepts shared in there – e.g. warmth and competence, heads up vs. heads down, scheduled social syndications, working with competing law firms (see the comments).

I highly recommend you give the full article a read.

Big library of free stock music

I’ve seen this referred to as “Unsplash for music.”

Literally thousands of tracks you can use in your video, game or UI project in exchange for a link. So good I went ahead and canceled the paid service I was using.

Get More YouTube Views

Brian Dean delivers with this list of 17 ways to get more views on your YouTube videos.

(I plan to go through and apply those tips to further boost my Tai Lopez scam video, which is averaging ~400 views a day since posting.)

Earn money making animated GIFs

That’s a thing on Fiverr now.

Doesn’t look like there’s huge earning potential though. The top two GIF-making freelancers I found on Fiverr:

  • fellowbeing has almost 200 orders in ~3 years, selling for $5-50 a pop.
  • balutheanimator has almost 100 orders in 1 year, selling for $15-50.

Show this to your boss who wants you in the office every day

Google has employees in 150 cities and more than 50 countries. They recently surveyed 5000 of them and reported:

We were happy to find no difference in the effectiveness, performance ratings, or promotions for individuals and teams whose work requires collaboration with colleagues around the world versus Googlers who spend most of their day to day working with colleagues in the same office.

(Not that remote work is without issues. Google notes a few in the report.)

$150 in 3 hours testing websites

On Reddit, referring to UserTesting.com:

I recently got back into it and was easily getting approved for some pretty great offers. I did 2 60 minute sessions today for $60 a piece and a few more tests for $10 a piece. In total this took me under 3 hours of my time.

FYI, when testing websites on UserTesting you need to record your voice and sometimes use a webcam. Also sounds like the offers can be hit and miss and they’re mostly for people in the US who are full-time employees.

Let me know if you give it a try.

Is freelance web development still a viable path in 2019?

This question was asked on Hacker News last week.

My favorite answer:

I’ve been freelancing for 7 years, and the market has never been better for reliable web developers. A knowledgeable full-stack dev can earn above SV-level salary as a remote freelancer.

However, if you’re marketing yourself purely as a “web developer”, you’re already commoditizing your skills. Instead, become an expert in a specific type of business/client and sell your ability to solve problems in that business domain. Your clients should not care about the tech you’re using. You need to instead be seen as the expert who solves their problems with tech.

If you go this route, not only is freelancing viable – I think it’s the best way to maximize your earnings as a developer.

(Note the similarity between this advice and that of the SEO for lawyers guy earlier.)

How to figure out what’s true online

One of the most important things nobody really teaches us growing up: how to ask and answer the question, “How do I know this is true?”

The ability to discern fact from fiction is crucial to success in business, and this 12-minute video by Smarter Every Day will help you hone it.

The three steps covered in that video to figure out if something is true online:

  1. Find out who’s behind the information. Are they an expert on the topic?
  2. What’s the evidence supporting the information? Is it sufficient?
  3. What do other sources say about it?

Closing it out this week with a related quote from everyone’s favorite rogue scientist, Richard Feynman:

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself—and you are the easiest person to fool.”

Thanks for reading.

Niall Doherty – Kuta, Bali
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