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eBiz Weekly #20

Easily one of the worst ways to make money online...

This week:

  • Big milestone for eBiz Facts
  • Survey Sites
  • Remote job opportunities
  • The critical question
  • Shameless hosting promotion
  • Weird ways to make money online

Big milestone for eBiz Facts

As noted in my latest Momentos, for May 13th:

Marking this day. Received a payment of $827.50, bumping me over $1,000 affiliate income for the first time in a single month. Feels good, all the work starting to pay off. Still lots more to do though. $1,000 next month isn’t guaranteed. But this boosts my confidence, validates the plan I’ve been busy executing.

In case you’re unfamiliar, that plan looks like this:

  1. Find keywords related to online business that have lots of organic traffic, low competition, and which can be easily monetized. (Monetization is a must to make eBiz Facts a sustainable endeavor.)
  2. Prioritize those keywords, so I know which opportunities to tackle first.
  3. Get busy creating the absolute best and most helpful content possible for those keywords.
  4. Publish and do some basic promotion.
  5. Wait a few weeks to see how Google responds. (Ideally my content will rank high for the target keywords without any extra work.)
  6. If the results are promising, double down to secure even better rankings. Otherwise, chalk it up as a learning experience and move to the next keyword on the list.

There’s a lot more to it, but those are the broad strokes.

Hopefully, that helps you understand why I published 20,000+ words of content and a 15-minute video about Tai Lopez at the end of February.

And why I just spent 50+ hours testing and researching one of the worst ways to make money online…

Survey Sites

Yup, survey sites.

They’re just as bad as you thought they were.

But tons of people search for info on these every day, and the top search results are so unrealistic and misleading that I knew I could do better.

Here’s what I came up with: Best Survey Sites 2019

That’s an article summarizing what myself and a VA learned from 50+ hours testing and researching a bunch of survey sites.

I’ve also posted individual reviews for 6 sites:

To save you from having to read through all that content, I’ll quote one of the FAQs from the main article here, which sums up my thoughts on survey sites after all that testing and research.

Are survey sites just a big gigantic waste of time?

They can be.

When doing any kind of work online, you want to be doing one of two things, ideally both:

  • You want to be EARNING
  • And you want to be LEARNING

We’ve yet to find any survey site through which you can earn more than a little extra pocket money each month.

Which would be fine if the work was actually a valuable learning experience.

But it’s not.

Given that:

  • Survey sites ARE a big gigantic waste of time you let them take you away from the many other types of online work where you can earn good money and/or develop some solid skills that will serve you well in future.
  • Survey sites are NOT a waste of time if you use them while chilling out watching Netflix or listening to a podcast, and you reserve your full attention for more demanding/rewarding kinds of online work.

Another way of putting it: You can indeed earn money from survey sites, but you can’t earn a living.

Remote job opportunities

In contrast, you can earn a living online from a remote job.

Here are a few juicy opportunities I found this morning:

The critical question

One of my favorite podcasts – How I Built This – asks each guest how much of their success is due to luck and how much is due to skill.

Almost all of them say luck was at least half the battle.

Of course, everyone gets lucky to some degree. But some people get a better return on their luck.

Jim Collins writes:

The critical question is not “Are you lucky?” but “Do you get a high return on luck?”

Yes, [Bill] Gates was lucky, but luck is not why Gates became a 10Xer. Consider the following questions: Was Gates the only person of his era who grew up in an upper-middle-class American family? Was Gates the only person born in the mid-1950s who attended a secondary school with access to computing? Was Gates the only person who went to a college with computer resources in the mid-1970s? Was Gates the only person who read the Popular Electronics article? Was Gates the only person who knew how to program in BASIC? No, no, no, no, and no.

“Return on luck” is a concept I always try to keep in mind.

On a long enough timeline, you and I are going to get very lucky a handful of times.

We’ll either be ready to make the most of those opportunities, or we won’t.

Shameless hosting promotion

I don’t use Bluehost myself. I use Dreamhost and I’ve been happy with them for years.

Everyone promotes Bluehost though because they’ve got a really good affiliate program. They asked me to be an affiliate and made me this fancy custom landing page.

In fairness to Bluehost, they are a solid, low-cost option if you’re looking to build a basic website.

HostingFacts takes a data-driven approach to testing a bunch of different web hosts and ranks Bluehost top of the heap.

Weird ways to make money online

I’m working on an article with that title, have collected more than 20 examples so far, including a 14-year-old South Korean boy who gets paid $1,500 a night to eat dinner in front of a webcam.


I should have the full article finished and published next week, will share it with you then.

In the meantime, hit reply and let me know of any “weird” ways of making money online you’ve come across.

Thanks for reading.

Niall Doherty
eBiz Facts

P.S. I’ll link my latest Momentos here again because this is where I usually mention them and for some reason they tend get more clicks than anything else I put in these emails 😉

P.P.S. Look like I’ll be staying in Ubud, Bali for a few months. Looking to start a free weekly meetup here for folks interested in online business. If you’d like to attend or know anyone who would, drop me a message.

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