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Bloggers Earn $95,614 In 6 Months While Traveling The World
I’d love to get your feedback on this first proper case study we’ve published on eBiz Facts. The grand vision with these case studies is to break down each business in a structured way so even very different businesses can be easily compared to each other at a glance. That way, you can get a good idea of the strengths and challenges of each.

“I lost nearly $8000 selling on Amazon FBA”
A sobering ebiz lesson on Reddit:

“My main takeaway was not to follow a cookie-cutter scheme that promises a guarenteed revenue stream after following 5 easy steps. Amazon FBA is not passive income, it’s a full time job, one I had nowhere near the time for. If everyone is doing something, it may not be the best idea. Don’t run off the cliff with the lemmings.”

FYI, he was selling these letter boards.

Respondent Experiment
A few weeks back I mentioned Respondent, a site where you can get paid “an average of $140 an hour” for doing one-on-one interviews via phone/video chat. Since then, I’ve applied for 10 projects on there myself and not heard back about any of them, so perhaps it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Let me know if you’ve applied for any Respondent projects and what your experience has been like. We’ll be publishing a full review soon.

Free Music For Your Videos
Well, almost free. You can use any of the tracks here at no charge so long as you credit them with a link.

Making Big Money On Fiverr
This dad earned over $1 million in five years doing voiceover work, while this woman earned almost $13,000 in one month writing jingles.

Earn Money Writing
Location Rebel just published an epic article on how to become a freelance writer. You can get a good feel for the type of writing gigs available to you at the Problogger jobs board. And check out our review of Earn More Writing, a solid course by a freelance writer who earns $10,000+ per month consistently.

Screencasts > Email
A member of FBB posted the following in our private Facebook group this week:

the approach with videos / loom is really, REALLY working. Ppl love it! I use it also to approach cold leads (I reach out to ppl on FB groups) and they mention it all the time. That I stand out, thank me for taking the time doing this, and tell me that they love it and find it very clear. Personally, I also prefer doing it this way than writing up a long email.

Loom is free software that allows you to record your screen (and yourself). I use it all the time as well. Excellent time-saver and rapport-builder.

“What’s the easiest money you’ve ever made?”
Some inspiring answers in this Reddit thread, including:

  • $93k in about 3 hours reselling a property
  • $75k profit from a domain/website in 12 months
  • “I was paid $3000 for 17 seconds of a recording of mine used in a Steven King show.”

Chris The Freelancer Upwork Course
Have you heard of Chris The Freelancer? He’s probably the #1 digital nomad vlogger with 61,000 subscribers on YouTube (see his videos here). He also released a course about Upwork on Skillshare recently, and it has 27 positive reviews already. Use this link to try Skillshare free for a month, giving you access to Chris’s course and thousands more.

Udemy Sale
Below are a few courses on sale right now that you might be interested in. All have 2,000+ students enrolled, 100+ reviews, and an average rating of at least 4.4 stars. They’re all discounted by about 95%.

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