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I hope you’re crushing it with your online business this week. Below are the usual few bits and pieces to help and inspire.

Selling An 18-Month-Old Site For $500k
Check out this case study by the guys at Authority Hacker (podcast version here). They started an affiliate website in the summer of 2017 with an investment of $50k, grew it to $15k/month in revenue, then sold it for “mid 6 figures.”

Learn Facebook Marketing
George Kao asked if I’d help spread the word about his upcoming Facebook Marketing Course, and I’m glad to do so as a happy buyer of one of his books and another course he created. As I’ve said before, if I was starting over building skills to freelance, my top three would be Copywriting, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. If you’d like to learn the latter in a genuine, authentic way, George will see you right.

Youngest Ever “Self-Made” Billionaire
Her name is Kylie Jenner, she’s only 21, and she’s worth a billion dollars thanks to the cosmetics business she’s built and owns 100%, and which does the bulk of its sales via Shopify. (Forbes also wrote a piece defending the “self made” label for Jenner, as a response to criticism that she comes from a famous and wealthy family.)

$15 Million, 15 Lessons
ConvertKit recently crossed the $15 million mark in annual recurring revenue, and founder Nathan Barry shared some lessons he’s learned along the way. My favorites:

“Anytime someone brags about how many businesses they run I cringe. I’d far rather take one thing and do it really well.”

“the customers you recruit are higher quality than the ones who just walk in the door… go out and sell to the customers you want.”

“I did the work that no one else was willing to do… Do the hard work that doesn’t scale.”

“the times I felt most successful were when I leaned on my principles to make the right decision, even though it was incredibly hard.”

How Much Can You Earn Playing ESports?
It depends on the league, but according to an article on ESPN the 126 players in the NBA 2K League “will make between $33,000 to $37,000 per season, plus benefits and team housing.” (And congrats to Chiquita Evans, who became the first woman drafted into that league earlier this week.)

Advice From A Freelance Copywriter Earning $100k+
Via this thread on Reddit:

Work with already-successful businesses (not startups or new entrepreneurs) […] It’s better to reject projects that aren’t a good fit (e.g., the product doesn’t have sales, the client doesn’t have experience hiring, the client is stingy with budget, etc.), even when they’re willing to pay you.

Excellent Free Resource For Learning Copywriting
Swipe-Worthy breaks down examples of effective copywriting. Such as:

60 Remote Job Websites
All the usual suspects are in this list, plus a few you might not have heard of. There are subsections for writing and editing, engineering, design and creative, and marketing.

Remote Matchmaker
Okay, not 100% remote but this was posted in FBB and it’s too quirky not to share. The job is to work as a matchmaker for a dating platform. “You’ll scour your city to find and screen quality, eligible matches for our clients.”

Latest Finance Report
Last month I earned $2,573 and spent $3,174 while living in Chiang Mai and Gran Canaria. Full details in my February finance report.

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