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Daniel Vassallo – Digital Product Creator

  • Daniel Vassallo

  • Digital Product Creator
  • $100,000 revenue in 4 months

How does Daniel make money online?

Daniel seems to have a few projects on the go, but I’m just going to focus on a couple of digital products he released recently.

The first was a technical ebook released in December 2019:

The second was a short video course released in April 2020:

How much money did Daniel make from those products?

Daniel has reported on his earnings in a series of Reddit posts:

Per the last post, most of Daniel’s customers came through Twitter:

The breakdown seems to be about $80k in revenue from the AWS ebook, and $20k from the Twitter Audience video course.

Daniel had a co-author for the ebook so he would have had to split some of the profit there, plus the products are sold on a platform called Gumroad which has some fees.

How did Daniel get started?

Here’s how he tells the story on Reddit:

As per Daniel’s LinkedIn, he worked at Amazon Web Services for 8 years, so that made him well-qualified to write a book on the topic.

Given his success growing his own Twitter account so fast, it makes sense that he’d turn that expertise into an information product as well.

What type of online business does Daniel have?

Daniel runs a multifaceted online business. 

According to our framework it can be broken down like this:

  • Authority (Level 4)
    Daniel has built a big following on Twitter, giving him an audience he can monetize in various ways.
  • Digital Product (Level 4)
    He has mainly focused on creating and selling digital products.

Follow the links above for more info and examples for each type of business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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