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Updated: May 13, 2024


Is Your Business Idea a Painkiller or a Vitamin?

You might remember this story from a few weeks back…

One of the founders, Dan Kulkov, has this tweet pinned to his X profile 👇

I am tired of answering the same questions.

Here is my ultimate marketing self-help guide.


It’s free (literally a Google Document)

The doc is packed full of his best marketing tips, plus a few links to videos and products Dan has made.

It’s a nice way to add value and build trust on social media 💪

Could you write and share something like this to showcase your expertise?

😍 My favorite tip in Dan’s doc is to build painkiller products, not vitamin products…

Painkiller ideas
– Sound boring
– Your customers will face major negative consequences if they don’t solve the problem your product aims to solve (lose money, legal problems, wasted time)
– Mostly B2B (but can be B2C too)
– Your customers use it weekly / daily
– It’s hard to explain this product to your parents

Vitamin ideas
– Sound hype
– Your customers will face minor negative consequences (fewer likes on Twitter, you didn’t get a new habit)
– Mostly B2C
– Your customers use it annually / monthly

That’s a nice quick filter to run your ideas through 👍

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