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CarryMinati YouTube Earnings & Net Worth

How much money does CarryMinati make on YouTube?

  • CarryMinati

  • Comedy and Gaming YouTuber
  • $145,000 estimated monthly YouTube ad revenue

How does CarryMinati make money online?

Ajey Nagar, popularly known online as CarryMinati, is an Indian gamer and comedy YouTuber. He is famous for his comedy skits, humorous gaming videos, and reaction videos on different topics.

Here’s a typical popular video from his main channel:

CarryMinati has two YouTube channels:

  1. CarryMinati (26+ million subscribers): parodies and comedy videos.
  2. CarryIsLive (7+ million subscribers): game streaming videos.

CarryMinati makes money online in the following ways:

  • YouTube ad revenue.
  • Brand deals (MiVi, Asus, etc).
  • Video sponsors (Arctic Fox, Vmate, etc).

As of this writing, CarryMinati is the most subscribed solo YouTuber in India with 26+ million subscribers on his main channel. 

CarryMinati, commonly referred to as Carry, is popular for his energetic, humorous, and distinctive Hindi-language commentary. Apart from streaming games, he creates diss tracks, satirical parodies, and comedy. 

How much money does CarryMinati make?

It’s estimated that CarryMinati makes between $17K and $272K per month via YouTube ad revenue from his main channel in 2020, according to Social Blade.

If we take the midpoint of those figures and assume he earns $145K per month, that would mean CarryMinati makes around $1.7 million per year from YouTube ads on his main channel.

Source: SocialBlade.com (October 2020)

CarryMinati also makes money online in other ways (sponsors, brand deals, etc) but the exact amount is unclear.

What is CarryMinati net worth?

According to Statsmash, CarryMinati’s net worth is $3.8 million USD as of October 2020. This works out to around 28 million in Indian Rupees.

How did CarryMinati get started?

Ajey (CarryMinati) talks about his journey to becoming a YouTuber in a 2019 video…

The key insights from the video:

  • CarryMinati started his YouTube channel in 2014 with the name AddictedA1.
  • Initially, he used to upload his recorded gameplay videos while doing commentary. Here’s his first video from 2015…
  • He attended school until 2016, then dropped out to pursue YouTube full-time. Later, he completed his school through distance learning. 
  • In early 2017, CarryMinati started another channel named CarryIsLive dedicated to game streaming videos.
  • In 2019, Time Magazine listed Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati) as one of the Next Generation Leaders 2019.

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What type of online business does CarryMinati have?

According to our framework CarryMinati has an authority business, which would be considered a Level 4 online business.

Other ways to make money online

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