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BJ Wright – Founder of Funnel Rolodex

  • BJ Wright

  • Founder of Funnel Rolodex
  • $58,000 Funnel Rolodex monthly revenue

How does BJ make money online?

BJ is the founder of Funnel Rolodex, a marketplace for freelancers who offer services related to building and optimizing funnels.

The marketplace is affiliated with ClickFunnels, the popular internet marketing software.

Here’s ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson explaining how Funnel Rolodex works:

Funnel Rolodex makes money by taking a 10% cut of sellers’ earnings on the marketplace, as explained in this video:

How much money does BJ make?

BJ has the company Stripe account for Funnel Rolodex hooked up to Indie Hackers so you can see the revenue growth.

As of this writing, revenue is at $58,000 per month:

BJ recently mentioned on his IH blog that “our team is expanding” and noted in a May 2020 comment that there were 10 people on the team.

Given that, the monthly expenses for the company must be quite high.

How did BJ get started?

As per his blog posts on Indie Hackers, BJ first had the idea for the marketplace back in 2013 but didn’t start building it out until March of 2018. A few months later he partnered with Russell Brunson and the marketplace became focused on funnel experts.

The first version of the marketplace launched in October 2018.

From what I can gather, BJ isn’t a developer and has been hiring tech help to build and develop the marketplace. He wrote on IH that he was a business development manager at ClickBank.com back in 2013-2014, so business development would appear to be his area of expertise.

What type of online business does BJ have?

According to our framework BJ has a marketplace business, which would be considered a Level 5 online business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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