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Squadhelp Review 2021 – Naming Creative

How much money can you make as a Naming Creative on Squadhelp?

  • Scottie Squadhelp

  • Naming Creative at Squadhelp
  • $100 – $300 per contest won

How does Scottie make money online?

Scottie doesn’t really exist. He’s our avatar to represent a typical person participating in Naming Contests on Squadhelp.

Squadhelp is a website that helps people name and brand their businesses.

Here’s a quick video showing how it works:

Scottie would be one of the “creatives” mentioned in that video. He’d enter naming contests and get paid if one of the names he suggested was picked as a winner.

How much money does Scottie make?

While researching this profile, I looked at all the Naming Contests listed on Squadhelp for the past 7 days.

There were 33 winners listed for that week, and their earnings ranged from $100 to $300.

Sometimes multiple winners are picked for a single contest, in which case the prize money is split between them.

For example, the two winners of this contest would receive $67.50 each…

As far as I can see, the top-earning Naming Creative on Squadhelp is Littodino from the USA:

By my calculations, her earnings work out to $2,758/month since joining Squadhelp in May 2018.

Her stats for the past 6 months give some insight into how tough it is to win a naming contest on Squadhelp:

And it’s no wonder, since Squadhelp claims to have 70,000+ freelance naming experts on their platform…

…and it’s not unusual for a contest to have 100’s of entries…

Given all that, it seems Squadhelp is probably best for earning a little extra income on the side, and not great for earning a full-time living online.

What’s Scottie’s background?

Scottie wouldn’t need any special skills to earn money participating in naming contests on Squadhelp.

He’d mainly need to be persistent and able to come up with interesting names for businesses.

(If you have some design skills, you can also make money on Squadhelp by entering Branding & Identity Contests.)

How did Scottie get started?

He would have signed up to Squadhelp here and paid the $10 one-time fee to start participating in naming contests.

Here’s a video showing you how to enter a contest:

What type of online business does Scottie have?

According to our framework Scottie would have a Contests business, which would be considered a Level 1 online business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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