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Sarah Chrisp – Founder of Wholesale Ted

  • Sarah Chrisp

  • Founder of Wholesale Ted
  • $90,000+ estimated monthly revenue

How does Sarah make money online?

Sarah is perhaps best known for her popular YouTube channel, Wholesale Ted. On that channel she shares content related to building an online business. 

Sarah makes money online in several ways, including:

  • Sales of products in her own e-commerce stores (ie. dropshipping and print on demand).
  • Affiliate commissions earned from recommending products and services to her audience.
  • Revenue from ads shown on her channel.
  • Sales of her online course, The Ecomm Clubhouse.
  • Rewards on her credit card purchases.

How much money does Sarah make?

Sarah shared in a March 2020 video that she earns more than $2000 per day from a Print on Demand store…

That adds up to about $60,000 per month in revenue. Sarah notes a profit margin of 29-47% in the video. If we use a conservative margin of 35%, we’re left with $21,000 per month. Presumably there would still be expenses that would need to be subtracted from that (software expenses, for example).

In a September 2019 video, Sarah revealed that she earns more than $10,000 per month from affiliate marketing

A much higher percentage of that income would be profit.

In a July 2020 video, Sarah showed at the 18:50 mark that she earned $17,471 in YouTube ad revenue over a recent 28-day period:

Sarah’s YouTube channel is growing steadily (according to Social Blade) so it’s safe to assume she earns at least $15,000 per month in ad revenue consistently.

It’s unclear how much money Sarah earns from her other online stores, her online course (priced at $67/month), or from credit card rewards.

Although at the 10:10 mark of the video above, Sarah does talk about her credit card rewards and shows how she can exchange 5-days of accumulated points on one card for $250 in iTunes gift cards. Assuming that’s typical, her credit card rewards would be over $1000 per month.

Altogether, it’s probably safe to say that Sarah is pulling in at least $90,000 per month in revenue from all her online business activities.

How did Sarah get started?

Sarah talks about her first business – reselling video games at age 15 – in this July 2019 video…

At about the 10-minute mark of this June 2020 video, Sarah shares some details about how she got started working online.

Highlights include:

  • She had an online store that sold video game hacking accessories.
  • She also had an SEO agency and worked in the consulting field in affiliate marketing.
  • She started her YouTube channel around 2014-2015.

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What type of online business does Sarah have?

Sarah runs a multifaceted online business. 

According to our framework it can be broken down like this:

  • GetPaidTo (Level 1)
    Sarah’s credit card rewards are essentially her getting paid to spend money.
  • Freelance (Level 2)
    Sarah has mentioned that she did some consulting work related to affiliate marketing. Presumably this was on a freelance basis.
  • Agency (Level 3)
    Sarah used to run an agency that provided SEO services.
  • Resale (Level 3)
    I believe Sarah still runs several dropshipping stores.
  • Authority (Level 4)
    Sarah has about 500k subscribers on her YouTube channel, monetized in various ways.
  • Digital Products (Level 4)
    This would be Sarah’s online course. Her print on demand stores would also be considered digital product businesses.

Follow the links above for more info and examples for each type of business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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