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Marsha MLM – Multi-Level Marketer

  • Marsha MLM

  • Multi-Level Marketer
  • $0.67 average hourly earnings

How does Marsha make money online?

Marsha doesn’t really exist. She’s our avatar to represent a typical person trying to make money online with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

Wikipedia’s explanation of MLM:

Participants of traditional offline MLMs, such as Mary Kay or Tupperware, usually focus on in-person sales and recruitment – ever heard of a Tupperware party? – but there is a growing online element to multi-level marketing as well, with participants using digital marketing techniques to make sales and recruit new people.

How much money does Marsha make?

There have been a number of studies and investigations into the earnings of MLM participants – Wikipedia has a handy list – and frankly they’re all quite discouraging.

The most recent, large-scale MLM income report I found was a 2018 survey by Magnify Money.

They surveyed 1,049 MLM participants and these were their key takeaways:

The hourly earnings of those surveyed worked out to a paltry $0.67 per hour:

How did Marsha get started?

Many MLM companies advise participants to start by selling to and recruiting family and friends, which is often how people like Marsha get involved.

What type of online business does Marsha have?

According to our framework Marsha would be running a Multi-Level Marketing business, and we’d consider it a Level X online business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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