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Donnie Day-Trade – Day Trader

  • Donnie Day-Trade

  • Day Trader
  • $0 or even less

How does Donnie make money online?

Donnie doesn’t really exist. He’s our avatar to represent a typical person trying to make money online with day trading.

Investopedia defines day trading like so:

How much money does Donnie make?

Unfortunately, a typical day trader like Donnie is more likely to lose money than make money.

At least that was the conclusion of a 2019 research paper that looked at the performance of almost 20,000 Brazilian day traders.

From the paper:

The key takeaway there is that 97% of all day traders who persisted for more than 300 days lost money.

In fact, the longer they persisted, the more money they seemed to lose, as the following graph shows:

YouTuber Coffeezilla made a video about day trading based on the same research paper plus another:

It’s worth noting that I’ve found no studies or research papers focused on day trading in the United States, but it sounds like the success rate isn’t much different there.

How did Donnie get started?

Donnie would have needed to open a brokerage account to day trade stocks.

However, in the USA, you are required to maintain a minimum balance of $25,000 as a day trader. (Though there are some ways around that. More info here.)

Aside from that, NerdWallet has a pretty good guide for starting day trading.

What type of online business does Donnie have?

According to our framework Donnie’s business would fall into the Trading category, and we’d consider it a Level X online business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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