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DesignCrowd Review – Design Contests

How much can you earn from design contests on DesignCrowd?

  • Danny DC

  • Contest Participant at DesignCrowd
  • $215 average per contest won

How does Danny make money online?

Danny doesn’t really exist. He’s our avatar to represent a typical person participating in design contests at DesignCrowd.

DesignCrowd is a marketplace for design services. Clients in need of such services post what they’re looking for and freelancers submit their designs. The client then picks their favorite and the winning freelancer gets paid.

So to earn money via DesignCrowd, Danny would pick one of the many contests running on the site at any given time, read the requirements, and submit his design.

Here’s an example of some contest listings on DesignCrowd:

If the client likes Danny’s design the best, he would be named the winner of the contest and awarded the prize money.

How much money does Danny make?

We looked at 598 recently finished contests on DesignCrowd and found that the average prize money was $215 per contest.

However, per contest there were an average of 149 designs submitted by 64 designers, so it seems there’s a lot of competition and it’s quite hard to win any particular contest.

As such, DesignCrowd probably isn’t a great site if your goal is to maximize your earnings, but it might be a good idea if you want to gain some experience and build a portfolio that you can later use to land regular freelance work.

Two other things to note:

  • It’s free to enter contests but DesignCrowd takes 15% commission on all payments that designers receive (source).
  • Contests such as you see on DesignCrowd are considered “spec work” and are controversial.

How did Danny get started?

He would have signed up to DesignCrowd here, browsed through the open contests, and submitted entries for whichever took his fancy.

What type of online business does Danny have?

According to our framework Danny would have a Contests business, which would be considered a Level 1 online business.

Other ways to make money online

There are many other ways to make money online, to work from home or anywhere in the world.

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