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On this page you’ll find a list of Udemy courses that meet the following criteria:

  • On the topic of consulting
  • Free and paid courses
  • Top-rated courses first (20 courses max)
  • Minimum of 50 ratings

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Here’s a non-Udemy consulting course you might be interested in…

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator


A massive online course that promises to help you build a profitable consulting business.

πŸ’°  Price

$1997 or 5 monthly payments of $597 (free trial + discount info)

😍  Pros

Tons of positive student reviews, proven results, excellent sales training, active and helpful community.

😩  Cons

Misleading marketing, some contradictions and inconsistencies, Sam’s bizarre bragging.


A solid investment if you’re willing to work hard and have the right expectations. But it’s not for everyone.

Overall Rating

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