On September 30, 2011, I left my hometown in Ireland to embark on a 3.5-year trip around the world without flying, eventually closing the loop on May 16, 2015.

Along the way I visited 37 countries, crossed the Pacific Ocean on a cargo ship, and wrote a book.

The Route

By The Numbers

Without airplanes to get around, I made do with the following:

  • 99 Buses
  • 82 Trains
  • 70 Taxis
  • 27 Ferries
  • 21 Tuk-Tuks
  • 10 Cars
  • 7 Motorcycles
  • 3 Bicycles
  • 3 Cruises
  • 1 Sailboat
  • 1 Cargo Ship

Crossing The Pacific

A few highlights from my trip across the Pacific.

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The Book

I wrote a book about my journey.

The Cargo Ship Diaries

Average rating on Amazon

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Photo Gallery

A few photos from the journey.